"Gotta Dance!" — Imagining Musical Episodes for "Girls," "Modern Family" and More

By Benjamin Solomon
09 Mar 2014

Cheryl Tunt

"Archer," FX

Why this show: In the animated world of this spy comedy, nothing is off-limits. So we don't see why its outlandish characters couldn't randomly break into song — the show has already moved from being a James Bond spoof into a "Miami Vice" spoof!

Possible plot: Cheryl Tunt (Judy Greer) became country singer Charlene in season four,  so why not just go ahead and make a country-western musical? Maybe they could travel back in time to the old west — "Back to the Future"-style — and land themselves in prison. It would be like Chicago-meets-Oklahoma-meets-Spamalot. There doesn't need to be an explanation to all of this (this is "Archer," after all). But Lana (Aisha Tyler) would look great as one of those dancing saloon girls and Malory (Jessica Walter) would make a badass Madam.

Odds: Low. We're guessing Charlene was "Archer'"s one and only flirtation with singing.