"Gotta Dance!" — Imagining Musical Episodes for "Girls," "Modern Family" and More

By Benjamin Solomon
09 Mar 2014

Kevin Spacey

"House of Cards," Netflix

Why this show: Kevin Spacey is not afraid of a few showtunes; don't forget the actor directed and starred in the musical biopic "Beyond the Sea." And Sebastian Arcelus toured with Wicked before playing plucky reporter Lucas on the show. 

Possible plot: Spacey's devious Frank Underwood is no stranger to breaking the fourth wall, so why not have him take the show's "Machiavellian political theatre" literally with a fantasy sequence that involves him singing and dancing over the bodies of his enemies at the White House? It could be the next 1776!

Odds: Low. Not only did "Beyond the Sea" bomb, but Spacey's singing voice was lacerated by critics.