's 2013 Broadway Holiday Gift Guide

By Playbill Staff
29 Nov 2013

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"Staged": "Staged" is Ruby Preston's sequel to the Broadway novel "Showbiz" — about the inner workings of, you guessed it, show business. Here's how the novel is described: "In 'Staged' aspiring Broadway producer Scarlett Savoy has almost everything she needs to make her first musical a huge success — millions in financial backing, a talented (not to mention gorgeous) young director, and a big-name Hollywood starlet as her female lead. But with none of the theatre owners in town willing to back a novice, she's missing the final piece of the puzzle: a Broadway theatre. Just when Scarlett thinks her show might never see the footlights of day, an unexpected meeting with a handsome, eligible son of the Stewart theatrical empire changes her Broadway prospects forever." Click here to order.

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