Fans Will Take Center Stage at Broadway Flea Market

By Carey Purcell
19 Sep 2013

Alice Ripley at the 2012 Flea Market
Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN
Be a Man or Woman With a Plan

Given the large number of options available at the Flea Market, Viola and Graziano suggested shoppers begin planning a few days in advance. One of the first steps they recommended was to visit to learn which shows and organizations are hosting tables. Mapping out what times celebrities will be at the autograph table and photo booth, as well as details on the live and silent auction lots, is also recommended, to ensure shoppers won't miss meeting their favorite stars.

When packing for the Flea Market, they suggested bringing several cloth bags to stash purchases in as the day goes on. If shoppers don't have any cloth bags at home, the Broadway Green Alliance table offers recycled bags for a donation.

The night before the Flea Market, shoppers should pack the items, such as CDs, DVDs and Playbills, that they want autographed, in their bags. While the autograph booths at the Flea Market will have their own markers on hand, it doesn't hurt for shoppers to bring one or two of their own. (Metallic gel pens are especially good if fans want something with a dark background signed.) Food and drink are not sold at the Flea Market (but there are restaurants and snack stands nearby), so packing a snack and a bottle of water is never a bad idea, either.

Bringing cash is also recommended, as using a credit card involves going to a separate bank table to process the transaction and can take extra time.

Shoppers may want to look their best when mingling with VIPs, but comfortable shoes are a smart choice, as the day involves almost nonstop standing up and walking around.