THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episodes 16-17, or "Give 'Em That Big Finish"

By Ben Rimalower
28 May 2013

Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Finally, Bombshell defies the expectations strategically set up by first half of the episode and wins Best Musical in a burst of wonderful events, including Eileen almost missing the announcement to offer some loving encouragement to the Tony-bereft Karen, Rosie O'Donnell presenting the award, Eileen inviting Derek onstage to share in the triumph, and Susan Blackwell in a wordless cameo as Jerry's date giving the entire "Smash" team the stink-eye.

At the after-party, Jimmy wants to talk to Karen. She doesn't want to hear it right now, but he plods on, telling her that he turned himself earlier that day in for years ago abandoning a girl who OD'ed as his date at a party. The good news is, the girl is fine, and Jimmy's conscience is clear at last. The bad news is, he's going to jail for 6-18 months.

Tom picks up a remote control to watch with Julia "their" number that they missed earlier, and we see "Karen" and "Ivy" as themselves (not their characters in their musicals) duetting in white sequins in front of a "Smash" sign. It's a fabulous Shaiman & Wittman answer to a Kander & Ebb number, "Give 'Em That Big Finish."

Throughout the number, we see Derek and Ivy happy together expecting their baby; Jimmy and Karen kissing goodbye for now; Julia going back happily to Michael Swift; and Eileen and Nick smiling together.

The girls wave us goodbye. And that is end of "Smash."

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Jennifer Hudson ("Veronica Moore") and Katharine McPhee ("Karen Cartwright") in Season 2, Episode 1: "On Broadway"
Photo by NBC