THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episodes 16-17, or "Give 'Em That Big Finish"

By Ben Rimalower
28 May 2013

Christine Ebersole and Cheyenne Jackson
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

When Tom sees Patrick coming out of Bombshell, Patrick tells him loved the show, and that he was moved at the Outer Critics Circle Awards by Tom's graciousness (despite a bad Lena Dunham joke, Tom had shown class in humbly sharing credit with Derek). Tom begins to think he may have a chance romantically with the dashing Patrick. Later, when Tom is nominated for a Tony, Patrick sends Tom a bottle of the same wine Tom had spilled all over him. Hmmm....

Nobody sends Ivy a bottle of anything congratulating her on two Tony nominations (Best Actress in a Musical for Bombshell/Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Liaisons). As a matter of fact, Christine Ebersole forgets to read Ivy's name for Bombshell, and I was so invested in Ivy's plight that the litany of words I had for Ms. Ebserole's omission are unprintable in this column. Thank God, it was just a mistake, and she quickly apologized and announces Ivy's nomination too. I was, it must be said, rather keyed-up in general for these fictional Tony nominations. I clapped out loud for Kyle's nomination—totally falling, hook, line and sinker, for the suspense "Smash" had set up for me. Cheyenne Jackson, co-announcing with Ebersole, adds that Kyle is the youngest person in history nominated for Best Book. Derek also sets a record, or rather equals one: Bob Fosse's (three nominations in one season). When Michael Riedel of the New York Post asks him about this, he strangely confesses his entire story with Daisy and Ana, and then takes to drinking alone in bed for the next few weeks. The Tony nominations score, by the way, is 13-12, with Hit List again in the lead.

The pressure of all this is brought to life in a full-cast sing-through of "Under Pressure," culminating in them all standing in a circle glaring at each other onstage at the Marriott Marquis. For no reason.

Leigh Conroy coaches her daughter Ivy on Tony Awards etiquette, using clips of one of her own wins as an example. This is very strange because it's real footage of Bernadette Peters winning for the 1999 revival of Annie Get Your Gun. Despite this annexing of real-life Bernadette Peters' career into Leigh Conroy's, we soon see footage of Times Square, lingering on a Follies poster with Bernadette Peters' name in big print. What other roles are we to believe Bernadette Peters has played in the world of "Smash"? I guess, with new musicals like The Gathering Storm and The Beauty Queen of Lenane jauntily tossed into existence left and right, one can easily fill in any holes created in real-life careers as collateral damage of "Smash" scripts. If Leigh Conroy played the Witch in Into the Woods, maybe Bernadette starred in a musical version of "Baby Boom" around the same time… Anyone? Anyway, Leigh Conroy notices Ivy putting on weight, but thinks it's stress eating and scoffs at Ivy's suggestion that she might take some time off after the Tonys. A career in show business is about momentum!