THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 10, Or, Surprise, It's Liza!

By Ben Rimalower
09 Apr 2013

Liza Minnelli
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Derek tells them Richard Francis from the Times is most interested in Hit List's nameless Diva character played by Karen's roommate. Jimmy says they're giving her a song in Act Two, but Kyle fears that's not enough. Derek is with Jimmy on this. Silly Kyle… Karen is the star!

Back uptown at Bombshell tech, Ivy and Sam are talking about how to celebrate Ivy's birthday. Ivy says she just wants to "blow off steam" and by "off steam," she means the hottie who plays JFK in Bombshell. When a delivery arrives, Tom is perplexed Ivy's getting flowers three weeks before opening. (Side note: are there no previews?) Ann Harada, spicing up the exposition with a Thelma Ritter impression, informs him it's Ivy's birthday. Light bulb! This is exactly what Tom needs to get Ivy and the rest of the cast to like him again. Like some sort of gay(er) Inspector Gadget, Tom voice activates his phone.

"Call. Liza."

The cast whisper choruses, "Ivy's party. Gusto. 9 o'clock. Don't tell Tom."

Meanwhile, downtown, Karen sings Pasek and Paul's peppy, poppy original, Original. Wait, shouldn't this be Nameless Diva's song?

Cut to the artistic director's office. Julia is pontificating. She loves the questions Hit List is asking about identity and fame in the modern age, but right now, the Diva is just a symbol. The artistic director bets she already has a list of fixes. (Why? She doesn't have any fixes for Bombshell…) Derek comes in and is all kissypoo with Julia. Everyone wants Julia to dramaturg. She's got nothing else going on at the moment, except of course the Broadway musical she's been working on for two years that is finally in tech 40 blocks uptown?

Whatever, I'm sure it's fine. Time for another scene in this bloodless "Twilight."

Karen wonders if Jimmy's hiding something? How much does she really know about him? Then he sexts her to come mess around in Wardrobe again.